MTACDL/FDOM 2023 Spring CLE Presentations and Videos

Hybrid In-Person and Webinar Conference:
 • Speaker Bios 2023
 • Final Agenda 2023

Day 1
Thursday, March 9

Strategies for Dealing with Jury Deliberation Issues
Brianna Mircheff, Appellate Chief, Office of the Federal Public Defender for the Central District of California

The Ethics of Sentencing
Akin Adepoju, Attorney Advisor, Training Division, Defender Services Office Washington, D.C.

Mitigation on a Dime (Powerpoint)
- Fritz Scheller Additional Materials - Compressed (ZIP) File
Fritz Scheller, Fritz Scheller, P.L., Orlando, Florida

Police Body Worn Cameras: Are We Really Seeing Everything?
Giselle Pomerleau, Litigation, Technology Attorney, Office of the Federal Defender District of New Jersey

Supreme Court and Montana Case Law Updates (Powerpoint) 
James Reavis, Appellate Defender, Montana Office of the Public Defender, Billings, MT

Day 2
Friday, March 10

The Busy Lawyer’s Guide to Character Evidence (Powerpoint)
Rene Valladares, Federal Defender, Office of the Federal Public Defender District of Nevada, Las Vegas, NV

Rethinking Second Amendment Litigation After Bruen: Using Text and History to Challenge Federal Gun Laws
Cullen Macbeth, Assistant Federal Defender, Office of the Federal Defender, District of Maryland
Carmen Smarandoiu, Appellate Chief, Office of the Federal Public Defender of San Francisco, CA

Military Culture/Military Mitigation Investigations

Captain Art C. Cody, Director of Criminal Law at Veteran Advocacy Project, New York, NY

What to do if your client lies? Ethical considerations for criminal practitioners (Powerpoint)
Katy Stack, Associate Dean, University of Montana School of Law, Missoula, MT

Crash Course in Immigration Consequences of Criminal Convictions
Kari E. Hong, Assistant Professor of Law Boston College of Law, Boston, MA